What is a Feng Shui audit?

Wondering if a Feng Shui audit is for you? Do you have a beautiful home, decor, but something is missing? A Feng Shui audit is designed to check if your flat, home, the space you live in meets Feng Shui principles. These should promote harmony in the family, health, study and career. Therefore, the person who deals with this type of industry should analyse Feng Shui for all the inhabitants of your home. You may also receive recommendations for arranging, enhancing and balancing Feng Shui in your space to safeguard the needs of all family members.

What is Feng Shui in the home?

The basis of Feng Shui ideology is energy and influencing its flow. Therefore, the most important thing in the arrangement is to maintain the balance of this energy. The principles of building a house in accordance with Feng Shui teach how to divide the space into individual parts, which will influence various aspects of human life in a characteristic way. Bagua grid is superimposed on the house plan, allowing us to determine precisely which area of the interior affects a given person positively and which negatively. What’s more, the different zones of the place you live in affect specific aspects of your life (love, work, finances). It is possible to plan all this before building, nevertheless, if we already have our living space it is worth doing a Feng Shui audit, which will indicate what needs to be improved. The correct positioning of white goods and other equipment in the room is important. For example, the cooker must be separated from the sink (e.g. by a plant), as the elements of fire and water cannot mix.

Feng shui audit

Do you need a Feng Shui audit?

If you want your home to be in harmony with the environment, then it is worth ordering a Feng Shui audit. With the changes made, you will feel better in your own space. You will feel the difference in various aspects of your life. The ideology will have a positive impact on your career, knowledge, wellbeing or marriage. In addition, the beauty in your interiors will inspire you to take action and at the same time contribute to improving your human destiny and success in life.